“Music to lift your Soul.” – Volcano Gazette

photo by Kmax
photo by Kmax

Honey and Holy Water          Listen        Buy 

Sweet and soulful, Honey and Holy Water flows with urgency and wonder. The honeybees are disappearing.  The oceans are in peril.  It’s been 50 years since Woodstock. (The only cover tune on the disc). Will we make it “back to the garden” before the jig is up?  With purity and grace this album navigates mystery and loss, encouraging us to cherish what might yet be saved.

“A beautiful voice that is accompanied by a beautiful instrument … her songs encourage the listener to dig deep inside them, where inspiration lies dormant just waiting to be discovered. Her music is not just moving, but defines her love of music and her passion for the unexpected and the inspired.”

– Mark Gunn, Celtic Mp3s Music Magazine

Yearning                                  Listen        Buy

Like a walk in an ancient forest or a visit to a crumbling castle, this EP is both peaceful and evocative, awakening deep layers of memory and feeling.

Photo: Melissa Schelling ©Melissa Schelling

“A little piece of dreamtime”- Tim Carroll, FolkWords

Only This Moment                 Listen        Buy

Oona’s ethereal voice and harp meet the wild cello of Corbin Keep on this dance through shadow and light. On this EP, the artists explore the complexity of our emotional lives from moment to moment, as they soar between heaven and earth

“The passion of cello and the sweetness of the Celtic harp draw unexpected depths of feeling from one another.” – Mayne Island Islander