Stories Told & Stories Written

summer solstice standing stones

Long ago and far away, the bard was weaver, healer, and teacher – a thread that connected the present to the past through her stories.

Accompanied by my Celtic harp, I tell traditional and original stories: Earth tales, Peace tales, and stories of seasonal celebration. Old words and new tumble together to engage the senses and cultivate joy, to delight, awaken, and transform listeners of all ages. My stories add a touch of magic and meaning to gatherings, festivals, and performances. Contact me for booking details.

As for my written work, over the past few years I have been captivated by Hope, Summer, and a cast of other adventurous elementals whose stories are ready to be illustrated and published as a children’s book.  Here’s their Halloween tale, The Turning.


“Your words are such an inspiration and blessing.  They touch deep places of the soul.” – Sonja Barnard, Salt Spring, BC

“I felt so good, and cozy, as I curled up and listened to you telling a soo sweet story, a story rich with ancient wisdom… “– Dawn Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon