From Festivals to Fields, Concerts Halls to Causes – Invite me and I’ll sing, I’ll play, & maybe even tell a story

Voice, harp, piano, heart, and hands …I love doing live performances as they are an opportunity to connect, transform, and transcend. It is the closest I get to feeling formless, and yet it is also an opportunity to truly be myself.

When I drop purely and deeply into a song or story, the edges that separate artist from audience and the physical world from essence blur. We are orbiting together in a collaborative creation, invoking, celebrating….coming home. I perform locally and internationally. Please contact me for tour dates or to invite me to perform.

“When Oona plays the harp … your world goes from black and white to color … (and) when her nightingale voice floats its sensual magic …the world falls away, far, far away.”  –Dennis Gregory, Puna Press, Kona, Hawaii