Meet Oona, a weaver of song and story, a vocalist, a community-builder, a Celtic harpist and pianist, a teacher, a garden-tender, a curator of joy…

Artist photo by Kmax, background image & digital art by Leigh Hilbert

Welcome and thank you for joining me here. If there is one thing I have learned from swimming with wild dolphins, it is that this is it. Breath, body, longing, love – this moment is our life. I invite you to take a moment to read my words, enjoy my songs, subscribe to my blog, plant some seeds, make a difference, learn how to create your own meaningful kids`programs, or maybe even take a break and meditate, as we awaken, renew, and celebrate the gift of being alive.

Through words and music, I bring the wild magic of the earth into form. Part bard, part social changer, for over 20 years I have played music, told stories, and facilitated workshops around the globe. From Transitions, a play and interactive workshop promoting tolerance and building bridges between refugee and non-refugee youth, to my transformative project One World, One Heart Beating, launched from Zimbabwe to give voice to children the world over, my life-long commitment is to use my creativity to open hearts, inspire wonder, cultivate hope, and preserve our precious planet. Much of my work is with youth, empowering them through Enchanted Ecology to connect with the natural world and believe they can make a difference.

Most recently, I am slightly obsessed with organically growing my own food, doing the absolute! final edit of my novel, developing my children’s’ stories, giving all I can to causes I believe in, and creating relaxed and intimate events that focus on music as a pathway to balance and well-being.

Performer, musician, writer, creator, earth steward, educator, transformer … Regardless of my role, my passion rests in spreading love, affirming peace, and cultivating beauty.

“You reach into the tender spot of my being, and remind me of the preciousness of life.”-Teresa Hitch, Salt Spring Island, BC

photo by Kmax

“You touch me. All of me. My heart and soul, my mind and my physical body. Thank You for your presence.” –Iao, Kapoho, Hawaii