Musical Mentorship

Voice, Piano, & Harp Lessons for All Ages

photo by Kmax
Do you or your child have a secret passion to explore the power and potential of your voice, or to learn to play the Celtic harp or piano?
Every song is a doorway to an aspect of the universe, a multilayered field of energy, history, essence, and emotion waiting to be expressed. Teaching for the past 25 years has taught me that each lesson and every student is unique, requiring a fresh mix of technical support, theoretical knowledge, inspiration, structure, and – to put it plainly – love. My pedagogical goal is to guide students to connect technical musicianship to the core of their being, building a solid musical foundation while encouraging creativity, passion, discipline, and joy.

As I grow alongside my students, I develop and discover new teaching methods, like my unique colour-coded pitch system for the harp. (It was created to help a deaf harpist see tone colour.) Many of my students are adults who are giving themselves the gift of developing their musical potential, often healing past wounds and misconceptions along the way. Pianists of all ages are loving the Wunderkeys Method which includes a Montessori-infused piano approach for young children as well as beautiful and engaging material  for older students.

RCM music theory and piano exam preparation are options, but my true talent rests in sharing musical language in the dialect that best suits each student. The musical components I nurture are the pursuit of impeccable technique, the ability to let go and let it flow (improvisation), a strong ear, a varied repertoire, song-writing skills, and the courage to perform authentically and from the heart. I currently have a waiting list for lessons, but schedules shift, so please contact me for more information.

 “Your dedication, humor, wisdom, and most of all, the total presence you give when you are with us  … is a true gift.  …I have rediscovered my joy of singing…It’s like I am a flower and you are a beautiful gardener who walks among the blooms, singing and tending to us all”. –Tracey Lambe, Hilo,Hawaii

It’s amazing when you find a teacher for your child who really gets them…. Stella can’t wait to create with Oona, and she asks how many days until her class. It is so valuable to find a teacher who can let a child’s heart lead the way, and the result has been astonishing. Oona, you are an amazing teacher, and a true servant of the music. Thank you for all you do for us and for so many. – Tara Grand, Salt Spring Island

There are so many reasons to explore and study music. This video from TED shows how playing an instrument benefits our brains.