A Novel

“The Rememberer”:  A magical love story to remind you of who you really are.

To read a PDF preview of the first chapter of “The Rememberer” click here: The Rememberer_Chapter 1

“Your writing touches me as a soft, cool and refreshing wind, whispering words of wisdom story.“ – Richard Diamond, Kauai, Hawaii


I arrived in Ireland on September 11th, 2001 with the key to a friend’s vacant cottage in my pocket. I was travelling to County Donegal to live like a hermit and write a novel. Never mind that I was thousands of miles from home in a world suddenly turned topsy-turvy, in a country where I didn’t know a soul. My first morning at the cottage, I got up, wiped the cobwebs off the kitchen table and began to write. Several years and bowls of oatmeal and blackberries later, I finished The Rememberer and I am now actively seeking a publisher or a literary agent for the manuscript.

“So great to sit down with the early fall rain hammering on my roof and allow your dearly woven words to wrap themselves around me for a time like a feather quilt.  What an ecstatic drink you have poured for us, this earth blessed elixir of font and fondness, of sentence and sentience, of prose and profundity, of letting go and letting be.” –  Victor Van Buskirk, Cortes Island, BC
photo by Kmax