EarthTone Workshops

 Sound for Balance & Well-Being

photo by Leigh Hilbert


Our voices sing the language of the heart. Gently and joyfully, we explore ancient and simple chants, toning, breath, improvisation, and more, as we attune voice, body, and being to the pure resonance of love. I have taught sound-centered, personal growth-focused programs across the globe.

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“Your voice is as unique as your twelve-stranded DNA. However, many don’t know how to access it … the human voice is everyone’s birthright. It is a universal given, a bridge between the worlds, the soul’s messenger, a gift of spirit capable of inspiring evolutionary shifts in consciousness. Your authentic singing voice is the muscle and mouthpiece of your soul… Your true or naked voice can access your soul song, and this resonant song reveals your authentic nature, who you really are.” Singer and educator Chloe Goodchild

“The magic of your storytelling, the music of your harp, the beauty of your voice and song and your loving, deep connection to life and humanity has touched me from the first day of our contact at the amazing workshop I attended.” –Prem Pillay, Salt Spring Island, BC
photo by Leigh Hilbert