July 2017 Camps on Salt Spring

Faerie Magic, Faerie Fun

For girls ages 5 1/2 to 7
10-3, July 4 through  July 7th

Now doesn’t this look like fun! ….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGyxgcdPA9A

Come join us for an irresistible blend of creative ecology, art with nature, music, cooperative games, meaningful imaginative play, storytelling, and inspiration as we celebrate “the best of Faerie Camp” at this special program for younger girls which will culminate in the Faerie Ball.

Faerie Camp – a perfect mix of nature, enchantment, and creativity designed to inspire hope and nurture connection, guided by Ministry certified teacher and loving caregiver, Oona McOuat.

To enroll contact Oona

                                     Plant Magic Camp

For Girls ages 8-11 who love Creativity and Nature
July 10-14, 10am-4pm

Join us as we adventure into the green world of plants and learn how to make simple but effective medicines, treats, and body care products with much-loved children’s herbs. From chocolate lip-gloss and chamomile mango strawberry popsicles, to rosehip jam, sun and moon infusions, and herbal wands, our week will be brimming with hands-on learning that will engage our minds, our bodies, and our senses.

Come wildcrafting and meet some local wild herbal friends. Create delicious recipes in the kitchen. Learn how to plant a beautiful, whimsical garden through companion planting. Interactive storytelling, music, nature art, mermaid water play, and outdoor games add to the fun.

To enroll contact Oona 

  Why Do Girls Love Faerie Camp?

Girls who have come back year after year say: “I love Faerie Camp because:”

“It’s really fun. You go to the Faerie Forest and learn about nature. You get to be creative and make lots of stuff.” –  Melody

“You get to sing songs and at the end we have the Faerie Ball.”  – Nayoki

“It’s natural and I believe in Faeries and it just happens that I love Faerie Camp so much!” -Jolene

Oona McOuat has been running her very popular ecological arts camps for girls for the past eleven years. Faerie Camp has become a tradition on Salt Spring!  Enchanted Ecology programs encourage girls to explore their curiosity and heart’s calling in a safe, nurturing space that allows them to be who they are. Oona is the music teacher at the Salt Spring Centre School, and has over 25 years experience as a Celtic harpist, storyteller, singer-songwriter, performer, ecologist, and educator working with children in many creative settings.